Your donation helps further our mission to:

  • be an avenue to identify MBE/DBE firms for agencies and other hiring partners
  • be a catalyst for capacity building, for all members
  • be a connector to contracting opportunities for MBE/DBE firms

Since 2008, using one-on-one mentoring with industry partners, project technical workshops and workshops on various business topics related to construction, MCIP has:

  • Assisted MBE/DBE firms to secure an estimated $45.0 million in contracting opportunities in conjunction with prime contractors, public agencies and other industry professionals
  • Taught over 80 MBE/DBE firms key technical skills that serve as a catalyst for business growth. 
  • Successfully mentored nine of these firms during a 3 year period from 2009 through 2012; they now make key executive decisions that help them grow and sustain their business. Strengthened capacities include:
Estimating and Bidding
Business Planning
Financial Management
Human Resources
Project Management