Metropolitan Contractor Improvement Partnership (MCIP) has been awarded a $548,326 grant funded by the EPA under the Clean Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA).

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Multnomah County Health Department  determined  that  minority  populations in the Portland area  are  disproportionately  impacted by diesel exhaust systems.

MCIP is  leading a project  to  help four minority  contractors;  Just Bucket Excavating, Inc,  PacificMark  Construction,  Raimore  Construction,  and  NESW  Trucking,  take  a  leadership  role  in  reducing  diesel exhaust emissions  and  the resulting  harm  that  affects  those  impacted  in  the  Portland  area. The reduction to  emissions  will be accomplished by  the retrofitting  and/or purchasing  of  new  Clean  Diesel  equipment  by  each  contractor.

MCIP will work closely with the Oregon DEQ to implement the project, which  has  a  proposed  completion  date of  December 2016.

For  more information, contact Chris Cross at or 503.288.1211.