This is the 4th year the MCIP Subcontractor Trade Show is being held.

The focus of this event is to introduce and showcase DMWESB firms to a network of industry leaders and decision makers. It is our mission to connect sub-contractors to opportunities and new industry relationships. In doing so, we are placing the subcontractors behind the booths to showcase their business, skills and capacity. Then we are inviting primes, agencies and other industry professionals to come check out the diverse trades, businesses and services that Oregon DMWESB firms have to offer.

Last year we had well over 150 attendees representing General Contractors; such as, Howard S Wright, LMC, Hoffman, Fortis, Anderson Construction and Hamilton. This year, we anticipate many more will participate as they look to meet and become more familiar with MWESB contractors in a variety of scopes.

Because last year’s trade show was so successful, booth space is expected to sell out early and quickly. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to register. Take it from another booth participate from this year’s trade show, “For months and weeks I hesitated and procrastinated on signing up and I found lots of excuses like I need to keep on my work schedule etc…However I’m extremely glad, happy and fortunate at the last minute I did sign up with MCIP’s encouragement. I had several GC’s throughout the day approaching me with great potential work and gave me their business card asking me to get with them. ” Tyrone Bailey of Bailey’s Construction Unlimited.