MCIP is a non-profit organization found in 2008 by NAMC-Oregon and other industry leaders.  MCIP is a business support and training organization that targets viable minority and disadvantaged business enterprises (MBE/DBE).  MCIP coaches firms to increase their profitability and net worth by improving their business management systems.  Our program values are equity, reduction of barriers, education, increased capacity and return on investment for our clients and partners.



MCIP has a diverse staff with over 40 years experience in construction, business, lending, and community development. MCIP has achieved the following accomplishments since 2008;

1. Assisted MBE/DBE firms secure an estimated $45.0 million in contracting opportunities in conjunction with primes, agencies and other industry professionals.

2. Taught over 80 MBE/DBE firms’ key technical skills that serve as a catalyst for business growth. Nine of these firms were successfully mentored during a 3 year period from 2009 through 2012; they now make key executive decisions that help them grow and sustain their business.