About MCIP

MCIP is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit business support and training organization for viable minority and disadvantaged business enterprises (MBE/DBE). MCIP utilizes training, mentoring, technical assistance and networking to the build capacity and competitiveness of MBE/DBE businesses.

Our Story

MCIP was founded by NAMC Oregon in 2008. MCIP and NAMC Oregon are grassroots culturally specific organizations. Bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the construction industry is the focus of both the mission statements and daily operations. Historical bias and oppression have created many unspoken disadvantages for communities of color in all structures of society, including our workforces. Our top priority is the education and empowerment of DBE/MBE contractors toward overcoming these challenges.

Program Overview

General Contractors, agencies owners and MBE/DBE contractors are focused on two key objectives, securing the work and performing the work on time and on budget. Our partners, general contractors, agencies and owners want contractors that can perform the work and meet the general conditions of the project. Small and emerging contractors sometimes need assistance to understand and meet the project requirements and successful business principles, but they want to gain the skills quickly so they can focus on meeting the project goals.  With MCIP the industry can focus on what it does best, “build projects”, while MCIP focuses on providing key business skills in a short time frame, focusing on what we do best “build contractors.”

Our mission is to serve as a business support and training organization for viable minority and disadvantaged business enterprises (MBE/DBE). MCIP pursues results-driven, market-based strategy that brings together training, mentoring, technical assistance, and networking within a culturally sensitive structure that meets the needs and historic challenges of MBE/DBE firms. Specifically, MCIP coaches firms to increase their profitability and net worth by improving their business management systems.

Our program values are equity, reduction of barriers, education, increased capacity and return on investment for our clients and partners.

Since forming MCIP in 2008, 170 MBE/DBE contractors have been directly assisted with the improvement of their operations at both the individual contributor and management levels. 85 firms to date have been linked to approximately $63 million in contracts. Moreover, these contracts resulted in at least 300 jobs that demand a median hourly wage of $19 per hour. This is a significant accomplishment given the overall state of the industry following the great recession and the pervasive discriminatory context in which minority businesses operate.

  • Develop the MBE/DBE’s capacity to secure contracts, manage the construction to perform timely and high quality work, and make a profit.
  • Increase the pool of viable MBE/DBE’s to serve as primes and subcontractors on commercial and infrastructure projects.
  • Provide primes and agencies with viable firms to complete projects and meet equity goals.
  • Address equity in communities of color by creating successful MBE/DBE’s that contribute to the economic vitality of their communities through their investment and employment.

Board Officers

Erik Esparza – Chair
Design-Build Coordination Manager, Kiewit Infrastructure West Corporation

John Jackley – Co-Chair
Retired, Communication and Business Equity Executive, Prosper Portland formerly Portland Development Commission

Mary Bradshaw – Secretary
Director of Construction Management, Housing Development Center

Margaret Mahoney – Treasurer
Retired, Agency and Non-Profit Executive

Board Members

Chris Hartson
Vice President of Construction, Specht Properties

Nate McCoy
Executive Director, National Association of Minority Contractors, Oregon

Stacey Drake Edwards
Prime Contractor Development Program Manager, City of Portland Procurement Services

John Hiser
Director of Mission Critical, West Region Balfour Beatty

Meet Our Funders and Sponsors

A special thanks to our Funders as well as our Gold Sponsors who support us in delivering high-quality services to our clients throughout the year.

We would also like to thank our Silver and Bronze Sponsors.